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On Demand Medical Exams

Designed for home and travel use and created with families in mind, the Ochsner Connected Anywhere Health Kit is a handheld device that complements your Ochsner Connected Anywhere virtual visit. The Ochsner Health Kit allows patients to capture physical examination data at home and share it with a physician using the Ochsner Connected Anywhere app, delivering even greater convenience and peace of mind.

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Capture exams using the
device and app

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Send exams to a board-certified
physician for review

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Get a diagnosis, and
prescription if needed

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Your On Demand Heart Exam

Using the Tyto Stethoscope, your provider can listen
to and assess heart sounds remotely

  • Heart Exam

    Heart Exam

    Enables clinicians to hear and assess heart sounds

  • Heart rate

    Heart Rate

    Accurately measures heart rate

  • Lungs

    Lung Exam

    Enables clinicians to hear and assess lung sounds

  • Ears

    Ear Exam

    Capture high resolution digital images of the canal and tympanic membrane to help clinicians diagnose ear infections

  • Skin

    Skin Exam

    Capture high resolution digital images of rashes and other skin lesions to inform dermatology diagnoses

  • Throat

    Mouth & Throat Exam

    Tongue depressor attachment helps capture high resolution digital images to help clinicians diagnose infections

  • Temp


    Get an accurate temperature read with our no-touch infrared basal thermometer

  • Abdomen

    Abdominal Exam

    Captures stomach and bowel sounds to help diagnose gastrointestinal issues


The Health Kit includes an examination device with an easy to use touch screen that guides you through the examination process.

Special adapters are included for examining the heart, lungs, ears, throat, skin and taking body temperature:

  • • otoscope (ears)
  • • stethoscope (heart, lungs and abdomen)
  • • basal thermometer, digital camera (skin and throat)
  • • tongue depressor

Included in the kit is a rechargeable battery, a comprehensive user guide and a quick start guide to help you get started.

Through the TytoCare mobile app and your existing Ochsner Connected Anywhere account, you can quickly and easily conduct a comprehensive remote examination and forward the information to your Ochsner Connected Anywhere provider.

  • CertaintyThe Ochsner Connected Anywhere Health Kit, powered by Tyto Care, goes beyond a phone or video chat with a provider by providing an on-demand, clinic-quality medical exam, right from your home, so you can know with certainty what to do next.
  • Peace of Mind Debates about whether to rush to the emergency room are over. You’ll know immediately if action needs to take place or if you can go back to sleep.
  • PrivacyThe Ochsner Connected Anywhere Health Kit uses a HIPAA-secure platform that only you and your provider can access, so you can be certain your information is safe and secure.


For Ochsner Connected Anywhere & TytoCare Support:

Call the internal support desk at (866) 517-1377 Option 6, available Monday-Friday 8am-4pm

Email: [email protected]

For 24/7 Ochsner Connected Anywhere Support

Contact (855) 667-9711

For 24/7 TytoCare Support

Contact (866) 971-8986 Option 2

Email: [email protected] , Chat: https://support.tytocare.com

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