What does an Ochsner Anywhere Care virtual visit cost?
The cost for an urgent care virtual visit with a medical provider is $10*. A Behavioral Health and Well Being appointment with a therapist is $85. The cost for each type of visit is the same even on nights, weekends, or holidays.
*Urgent care price decreased to $10 per visit temporarily during the events of COVID-19 and is subject to change.
How do I pay for an Ochsner Anywhere Care Health Kit?

Ochsner Anywhere Care Health Kits can be purchased at www.ochsner.org/healthkit. Payment can be made using most credit and debit cards, including Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover. Health Kits can also be purchased in person at any Ochsner Obar, Ochsner Pharmacy & Wellness location, Total Health Solutions store or any Ochsner Fitness Centers.
Do I need any training to use my Ochsner Anywhere Care Health Kit?
The Health Kits, powered by Tyto, has built-in training videos and guidance technology to help ensure accuracy and ease-of-use. Additional tutorials videos can also be found on https://www.ochsner.org/services/anywhere-care.
Is the Ochsner Anywhere Care Home Kit, powered by Tyto, covered by insurance?

You can use your FSA (flexible spending account) to pay for an Ochsner Anywhere Care Home Kit.
What exams can be performed using an Ochsner Anywhere Care Health Kit?

An Ochsner Anywhere Care Health Kit provides your physician with high-quality digital sounds of the heart and lungs and digital images and video of the ears, throat, and skin, and measures heart rate. Using this examination data, your doctor can provide you with a diagnosis, treatment plan, and prescription if needed.
Can I use my Ochsner Anywhere Care Health Kit away from home?

Yes. The Health Kit is lightweight, compact, and portable. It is designed for all types of remote use. All you need is the TytoCare app, a smartphone or tablet, and a Wi-Fi connection.
Who sees the data from my exams, and is it HIPAA-compliant?

Exam data is sent via an encrypted, secure network to your physician or the physician of your choice and is stored on our HIPAA-compliant cloud. Only you and your doctor can determine who can access your medical records.
Who can use an Ochsner Anywhere Care Health Kit?

You can use your Health Kit on children and adults of any age. The Health Kit is easily operable by adults 18-65 years of age who are comfortable using mobile apps.
Is the Ochsner Anywhere Care Health Kit similar to the exam tools used by doctors in an office?

Yes, the Health Kit includes an otoscope for examining the ears, a stethoscope for examining the heart, lungs, and abdomen, and a basal thermometer and a digital camera for examining the skin and throat, and is designed to provide your doctor with the same type of examination data he or she would use in the office. The Health Kit devices have passed multiple performance bench tests versus comparable devices to ensure quality results.
What conditions can be diagnosed by the doctor using a Health Kit?

The Health Kit can help your physician diagnose and treat many common conditions, including ear infections, sore throats, fever, cold and flu, allergies, pink eye, nausea, constipation, asthma, bronchitis, upper respiratory infections, bug bites, and common skin conditions, including contact dermatitis, eczema, rash, and diaper rash.
Can I receive a prescription as part of your Ochsner Anywhere Care virtual visit?

Yes. If a prescription is needed for your urgent care needs, your healthcare provider can prescribe and send your prescription directly to your preferred pharmacy.
What is my role in the Health Kit exam?

You will perform the exams at home on yourself or your child, using TytoCare’s proprietary guidance technology which ensures accuracy and ease of use.
What is the healthcare provider’s role in the Health Kit exam?

The healthcare provider will use the data provided by TytoCare, in combination with a live consult, to examine, diagnose, and treat your conditions remotely.
Is the Health Kit okay to use on sensitive skin?

Yes. The Health Kit conducted biocompatibility testing for extensive skin sensitivity, and no allergic reactions occurred.
Is the Health Kit safe to use on my newborn?

Yes, the Health Kit can be used on children of any age.